I presented my Interspeech paper today!  I’m very pleased with how it went.  I become almost entertainingly nervous before speaking in front of people, although the waiting is absolutely the worst part; once I stand up to begin talking I usually feel a bit better.  Those attending the session really seemed to enjoy the talk, which is just what I was hoping for – everybody seemed to be paying attention.  I don’t think anybody fell asleep!    There were also some very good questions, particularly about the possibility of doing other kinds of prosodic modeling in the future and perhaps even joint modeling of pitch and intensity.

One very entertaining moment occurred at the beginning of the talk – the audio clips I had were not playing properly (or at all), and I had planned on asking the audience for sarcasm judgements.  As I was trying to get the audio to play and it was refusing, I said “…And the audio isn’t playing.  Awesome.”  And of course, the audience laughed, because I had just said something sarcastic (which I hadn’t even realized until someone in the back of the audience shouted out “Sarcastic!”).  Just goes to show even moreso why I study sarcasm – apparently it is so ingrained in my speech that I don’t even notice when I’m using it!  Oh well.  It’s nice to have an audience laugh without having to plan out some kind of a joke.

I’ve got a lot more to say about Interspeech, which I’ve been quite enjoying, but I will come back to it after I’ve finished the conference.  In the meantime, I’m going to relax and drink some tea, and enjoy the fact that the hard part is over!


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