It’s official!  I am registered for Interspeech 2013!  I found out that my paper was accepted for a talk – I’ll be giving a talk on the Tuesday morning of the conference, according to their preliminary schedule.  Very nerve-racking.

I’ve been working all afternoon on editing and amending my slides for my Interspeech talk today, and on the one hand, it’s pretty fun; I’ve really enjoyed cutting down my slides from a 45 minute talk about my whole master’s thesis to a 20 minute talk about all of the things I personally find coolest about my work.  On the other hand, though, I’m having a hard time editing it for my audience.  This will mark the first time I’ve given a talk to peers and colleagues, instead of cohorts, students and professors, or people who have no idea what I’m talking about.   I’m not quite sure how to edit my fairly colloquial inherent speech pattern for such a professional audience.  I worry that my work doesn’t sound serious enough.  I’ve been to a number of talk at conferences and here at school, and there does seem to be a certain dryness to it all.  Of course, I often also go to talk that I find to be dull as dirt, and find myself wishing that speakers sounded at least a little bit interested in what they’re talking about.  So it’s a question that’s a little bit up in the air for me, still: give a talk that sounds super professional and also a lot like many of the talks I have been to, or give a talk that sounds a little bit serious and has a less formal tone to it?  It’s hard to find the right balance of what I feel like I should do and what I’d like to do.  I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about this.  Although I also have an advisor, who I’m sure will not allow me to give a talk that he doesn’t feel is appropriate for the venue.  Which is pretty encouraging.

Anyway, I’ll continue to think on this over the next month or so, while I continue my preparations for Interspeech.  Regardless of my talk, though, I’m really looking forward to Interspeech.


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